Welcome to this new site of Deepfiction Recordings, a label of the Bora Bora Music group, for all that are into the Deep side of House, Tech and Lounge music.
Thanks for taking the time to check us out we really appreciate it. Here’s what we are about and also have to offer:

We invite you to take a wander around the site and check out the artiest and a lot of exclusive tracks and mixes to get deeply into. We have links to our community pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube etc, so please join and subscribe to us so you don’t miss out on the latest info, interviews, videos, live podcasts and a tons of free stuff!

On this site itself we will air anything new from us exclusively here first. We have an online radio station attached to the site with podcasts, interviews, shows and guest mixes, we will also air mixes of all our forthcoming tracks for release.

bora logo bora v2 lighter red white back

If you are also into original House/Tech house you will find some cool artists and tracks etc at the Bora Bora Music site

For those into grooving, pumping Techno and Progressive grooves then please head over to the Technodogs recordings site

aat embossed 500x500
We also have a label for all you Acid heads and those with a more experimental preferences called “An acid Test” recordings site

OK me mums calling me so gotta go 😉 There are regular news items every week and we’ll throw in some regular “free stuff ” bones to make your return trips worthwhile.
Thanks again for being clever enough to find us, we love you already <3 !
Welcome to the deep-side of Bora Bora music. X


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